Webcam Privacy…. How important is it?

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Most any electronic device that we own these days that can be connected to the internet most likely has a camera attached towebcam-privacy it, and in most cases, two cameras. We use these device cameras in our everyday life to snap a shot of the sun setting, or a lovely lunch out with an old friend. However, these small cameras we have come to depend upon in our everyday life are also webcams. Some of you might remember the days of ol’ when we would have to purchase a webcam separate from our computers, connect said webcam to our monstrous desktop computers and then and only then were we able to connect with others live streaming in a video chat. Lets not even begin to discuss the picture quality or how reliable the actual ‘video’ would be. It was more of a flip book, with a lot of still photos strung together.

Now with the cameras so easily built into our everyday devices they can sometimes go unnoticed. There are ways for people to remotely access computers and webcams at any given time. If you are on an actual computer, not a phone or tablet, you are lucky enough to still have the tale tale sign that your camera is on by the light next to the camera being lit. If you did not turn on your camera on purpose shut you computer off right away, cover the lens of the camera, and only turn it back on if you are in a safe place possibly with other people to help you document the events.

Web safety is our number one concern and we would love for you to visit us right now to learn more about how you can protect yourself and those you love on the web. Protecting your privacy is important and should never be taken lightly.

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